Guess That Bike Revealed – Engine For Sale Edition

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Post Listing Update: This Combinette did not meet reserve despite 18 bids up to $5,800 on eBay.

Commenter dnaj was the first to (easily) identify that this motor belongs to a Zündapp Super Sport Combinette, which were built between 1962 and 1966. This specific example has been restored and it’s currently available for purchase on eBay!

Internally, the Combinette was given the model designation of 515. It was an evolution of the 510 model that gained telescopic forks. The 49cc motor produced just under 3 horsepower, and it was paired with a 3-speed transmission. There was a “Sport” model, while the “Super Sport” differentiated itself with two shocks on each side of the swingarm.

This example (VIN: 5421005) was acquired by the seller in Belgium. He then shipped it to Germany to have it restored, and some parts had to be built from scratch as he could not find original parts. The seller notes that “only the rear rim could not be found or hand made”, so it’s unclear what bike that part is from. This Zundapp was awarded First Place at last year’s Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show and it won Best in Class at the Boca Raton Concours d’ Elegance a month later. The bike isn’t perfect (2 small spots shown in a photo of the left side of the tank) but everything is said to work and the sale includes an original sales brochure in German.

Find this Zündapp for sale in Pompano Beach, Florida with bidding up to $1,026 and the reserve not yet met

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