Hoon’s Favorite: 2010 Aprilia SXV550

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The Aprilia SXV550 is an absolute monster that epitomizes what supermotos should be about – immediate thrust, and minimal weight. With 70hp and less than 320 pounds of curb weight, this bike definitely checks the right boxes. Hooligans unite – this is one of the bikes you’ve been waiting for.

Aprilia SVX550 - Front

And unfortunately, you had to wait for it. Aprilia struggled with the first generation of the SVX. It was their first try and building an engine in-house, and they used a now-infamous “orange sealant” that would struggle to last over a thousand miles. Several engines were ruined due to head gasket failures, and Aprilia had to scramble to solve the issue and repair their reputation. But you won’t have to worry about that with this bike! Just hop on and enjoy.

Aprilia SVX550 - Rear

We have to confess – we might be featuring this bike for the sole purpose of showing you this incredible piece of rider control. WARNING: Watching this video may lead you down a path of watching videos of police shows and rider control for the next few hours. Exercise caution!

This specific Aprilia SXV550 has just 3,400 miles and seems to be in great shape. The seller goes into a spiel about if the bike has been destricted or not – bottom line is, no one knows. The concern here is now you know know what’s been done to this bike until you take the time to pull it apart yourself. Make sure you get as much of the service history as possible, then enjoy a bike that gets as light and flickable as you can reasonably find in the States.

Aprilia SVX550 - Right Side

Find this Aprilia SXV550 for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $6,300 (and a seller who doesn’t seem to understand the point of no reserve) in Charleston, South Carolina.