1981 Maico 490 Mega 2

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Post-Sale Update: After 25 bids on eBay, this bike sold for $9,210.

Flaunting one of the best dirtbike names ever, the Maico 490 Mega 2 was considered by many to be one of the best open class motorcross bikes ever built. Back in the 80s, there was a lot of prestige associated with riding a Maico, but even this was the cream of the crop. The Mega 2 is still an absolute legend – Maico sold more of this exact model than Honda sold across their entire MX lineup in 1981.

Maico 490 Mega 2 - Front

Jody Weisel, one of the nation’s best test riders, once said that the 1981 Maico 490 Mega 2 had the best handling and best powerband in this history of motocross. And that’s coming from someone who’s pretty much ridden everything out there. If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend reading one of my favorite of Weisel’s articles for Motocross Action Magazine, “The Worst Bikes I Ever Raced” But more about this bike: the 490 put out an absurd 53 horsepower, which was controlled by a wet multi-disc cluth and was transmitte dthrough a five-speed gearbox. This whole incredible package weighed just 244 pounds. We can’t stress enough how good this bike is. If you want to hear more gushing praise for it, read a piece on off-road.com simply entitled, “How Good Was the Maico 490?”

Maico 490 Mega 2 - Engine

This specific Maico 490 Mega 2 has enjoyed a ground up restoration – the seller claims that just about everything is brand new, including a powder-coated frame and swingarm, renthal bars, magura levers, and much, much more. The plastics are all new, and you’ll get a DEP pipe as well as new Ohlins springs sitting on rebuilt Corte Cosso shocks. All in all, this bike has been thoroughly refreshed.

Maico 490 Mega 2 - Left Side

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Maico 490 Mega 2 - Right Side