Isle of Man TT Racer – 2013 Honda CBR1000RR

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The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) is arguably the most iconic motorcycle race in history. In the modern era of the TT one name stands out as being the most successful pilot to take on the 37.73-mile mountain course, and that name is John McGuinness. With 23 TT wins and 45 TT podiums, McGuinness is something of a modern-day legend, with almost all of his victories being won aboard a Honda. So when John McGuinness’ HM Plant Honda CBR1000RR by Padgett’s Motorcycles used in the 2013 TT Superstock was recently made available for purchase, I just had to feature it here on Bike-urious.

While the “Morecambe Missle” didn’t win the 2013 Superstock event, he nonetheless did clinch a third-place spot on the podium, adding to the already substantial historical significance of this ultra-exclusive tangible piece of Motorsport and TT history. The fact he also won the coveted Senior TT that same year only further cements the importance of this superstock-machine. This CBR1KRR is exactly as it was when it crossed the finish line in front of the grandstand in 2013, down to the dirt and bugs speckled across the Honda’s fairings and windscreen.

In addition to being one of the ultimate collector’s motorcycles, this CBR is also a beast of a two-wheeler with countless top-shelf components and a power plant built and tuned by one of the best mechanics on the planet. I doubt the future-buyer will actually ride this bike, but its being somewhat of a marvel of engineering definitely adds to the cool factor of this TT Racer.

You can find this ridiculously-awesome and exclusive #3 HM Plant/Padgett’s 2013 CBR1000RR ridden by John McGuinness himself in the 2013 SuperStock race on the iconic Isle of Man for sale here at Padgett’s Motorcycles in Batley, England with a price of $46,500 (or £36,000).