It’s Here – 2015 CSC Cyclone RX3

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One of the big complaints about dual-sport bikes is that they’re just too big and heavy. There’s a small amount of 250 options out there (Yamaha probably has the best one with the WR250R), but there wasn’t a true 250 “adventurer tourer”…until now. Meet the Cyclone RX3, the result of a partnership between California Scooter Company and Zongshen, and after some first rides from the press (here’s one from, here’s one from ADVPulse), it’s now available for purchase.

I have no experience with this bike, but I do love the concept. There’s been plenty of times on my R1150GS when I’ve been in the dirt and I wished I was on something smaller. Then again, I’m sure if I was doing 80 on this bike on the freeway, I’d rather be on the GS. You know there’s always a trade-off. Hit the links above for some press thoughts, or here’s an introductory video from Joe Berk of CSC:

MSRP of the Cyclone is $3,495, which of course begs the question: get a brand new baby adventure tourer or buy a used, pre-farkled machine from one of the established manufacturers. What would you do? All I know is that I desperately want to at least try out this bike.

Find the CSC Cyclone RX3 for sale in Asuza, California for $3,495