JDM 750 – 1973 Kawasaki Z2

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Post Listing Update: As you might have expected, this Z2 did not get any interest at the asking bid of $35,000.

The Z1 was one of Kawasaki’s most legendary motorcycles, and it’s the reason why the company has recently released the Z900RS as a modern take on the classic. But did you know that Kawi also created a little sibling specifically for their home market? Meet the Z2, which was almost identical to the Z1, save for a decrease in displacement. This one has somehow made it to the US (a Motorcycle Classics article estimates that 25-50 examples have made it here) and it’s being offered with a hefty asking price.

The 746cc motor was good for 69 horsepower and a top speed of almost 120 miles per hour. You might wonder why Kawasaki offered both the Z1 and Z2 in Japan, but they weren’t actually able to offer the 903cc original as Japanese laws required a maximum displacement of 750 cubic centimeters. For more on the Z2, check out this story on Motorcycle Classics.

This example (Z2F-02165) has seen better days cosmetically over its lifespan of 35,731 miles, though it’s said to start and run well. The paint is faded, parts of the tail have been repainted, there’s a couple of dents on the tank, and there’s an aftermarket exhaust. The seller includes a video of startup so you can judge for yourself:

Find this Z2 for sale in Compton, California with an unmet opening bid of $35,000