A Legend is Born – 1972 Yamaha 360 Enduro

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Some bikes are legendary for their performance, and unfortunately, the Yamaha 360 RT2 is known for its awful ability off the pavement. A good looking motorcycle with a good engine, the RT1s and RT2s had just awful geometry for the dirt. Even the best of the dirt riders couldn’t keep them upright or make them go fast. They had a very disturbing tendency to tank slap and unload the rider off the high side.

Yamaha RT2 - Left Side

The 1972 Yamaha 360 R2 used a very good 351 cc 2 stroke single (with autolube) that made 31 HP. Combined with a 5 speed transmission the speed potential was unquestioned. A 19 inch front wheel and limited travel on the short swingarm along with a hefty 245 LBS all contributed to less than ideal dirt performance. Left on the pavement it was a fine performer.

Yamaha RT2 - Materials

This Yamaha 360 Enduro (VIN: RT1122777) is listed as a 329 mile all original bike that was said to live in a collection since it was last registered in 1975. Auction ends Wednesday, September 7th. Find it located in Beverly Hills, California with a current bid of $2,146.21 with the reserve not met