Little French Tracker – 2014 Mash Seventy Five 125cc

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Mash Motorcycles is one of those manufacturers you’ve probably never heard of before. First founded in 2014, the low-volume boutique manufacturer offers good looking inexpensive motorcycles powered by small-displacement (50cc, 125cc, 250cc, and 400cc) Chinese crate engines. Think Cleveland CycleWerks, but French. In its handful of years since being established, Mash has released a surprisingly expansive lineup including factory ADV bikes, cafe racers, scramblers, retros, and scooters. Here we have a 125cc Mash model Seventy Five that has been thoroughly transformed into a Street Tracker.

Mash was founded by Frederick Fourgeaud who also happens to be the president of Société d’Importation de Motos et Accessoires (or SIMA), an outfit based in Burgundy, France that has been around since 1976. Until recently, the small French marque primarily sold its wares within its native France, but it has been expanding into the rest of Europe with a particular focus on the German and English markets – a move that was first kicked-off with Mash’s release of the Bonneville-esque, 400cc, “Five Hundred” model.

This particular bike started its life as a 125cc Mash “Seventy Five” before ending up in Portugal where a custom shop called Holy Moly Motorcycles tore it apart and built it back up as the street tracker you now see before you. The shop – based in Sacavém, Portugal – started this bike as a side project but it became a priority and the build was finished last summer.

The crew at the Holy Moly garage stripped the stock 2014 Mash down to the engine and frame to investigate which components the build could retain such as the spoked rims and inverted forks. The frame, swing-arm, and rims were all powder-coated, and the build’s one-off tracker-style tail-section and matching tank were both hit with a Martini Racing-inspired blue and red livery. A low-profile square, LED headlight unit was mounted in place, as was a single, upswept stainless cone-style exhaust. A pair of number plates were also tacked on, adding to the tracker-look while hiding some of the build’s unsightly ancillaries.

Other minor additions included aftermarket controls and an offset speedo unit. The Mash’s stock brake hardware received steel-braided lines and a set of 17-inch rain tires have been wrapped around the Seventy Five’s spoked rims. The Mash’s dual-rear suspension has been replaced with upgraded aftermarket units and a fender eliminator kit was also added.

I’ve always had an immense appreciation for thoroughly involved, small-displacement customs such as this. I very much subscribe to the belief that it is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than it is to ride a fast bike slow. Not only does this little runner look pretty snazzy, but wringing the hell out of its throttle while cruising around town is probably a blast.

You can find this 2014 Mash Seventy Five-based one-off, Martini Racing-themed, Street Tracker for sale here on the BikeShed in Libson, Portugal with a price of $4,000 (or €3,300).