LSR Potential – 1967 Harley-Davidson Sprint

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You are never truly fast unless you are the fastest.” – Don McBride.

My friend McBride held the Land Speed Record for 1000 CC (4 wheels) off and on for several years during the 90s. At one point he held 1k natural aspirated gas and fuel AND 1k supercharged gas and fuel at the same time. Land Speed Racing is a thankfully rare and wonderful affliction.

This 1967 Sprint (Aermacchi) is aimed toward a World Land Speed Record in the 250CC M PG class. Modified frame, Pushrod Gasoline. The listing for the bike is very short on details such as how the bike ran in relation to the LSR. It does say that the bike has exceeded the current standard but I know for a fact that there is a monstrous difference between pavement and the salt.

If you think the affliction might be upon you, this might be a serious chance to get into the game at a relatively low money entry point. Burt Munro may have gotten it done, once, but the reality is it takes serious money to be the fastest. I would ask the seller a ton of questions before I bid at all. One would be ‘how far off is the motor from making vintage class’?

Or, you could buy the bike, park it in your shop and tell whatever story around it you wish 🙂

This 1967 Harley Davidson Sprint is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and is listed as ‘mechanically excellent’ and lists several performance mods including swingarm extension. The bike is currently priced at $500 (US) with reserve not met

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