Mild ISDT Custom – 1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat

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Post-Sale Update: This Combat Wombat sold for $1,201 after 35 bids on eBay.

The only thing cooler than a Combat Wombat is a Combat Wombat that’s been given a mild ISDT treatment. The seller (a Bike-urious regular) has owned it for 5 years and only used it for slow trail rides. However, the gas was drained in October 2015 and it’s been sitting since. Come get yourself a small Japanese-American hybrid of motorcycle joy.

Hodaka Combat Wombat - Front Right

2 years ago, this bike (VIN: C-08172) was given a new piston and a rebuilt crank, and before it was put into storage the bike idled fine but the seller says it was “not taking throttle well.” Despite the addition of a Mikuni carb from Strictly Hodaka, the bike still would bog on throttle. Maybe the pilot jet needs to be cleaned? Either way, you’ll need to do a little work – there’s also a very slow oil leak that should be addressed. Other extras include NOS Redwing adjustable rear shocks, and a new Hodaka current limiter. It’s a lovely bike but the survival knife is not included.

Hodaka Combat Wombat - Left Side

Find this Hodaka for sale in Cheyenne, Wyoming with bidding up to $670