Mini BMW R65

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Panda Moto is a French company that specializes in modifying current BMW bikes. In fact they recently made the news again with the R1232, a bike built to look like BMW’s first bike, the R32, but with the engine from a R1200.

I apologize for the tangent...

I apologize for the tangent…

But today we’re interested in something a bit older. Several years ago, Panda Moto built a series of 50 mini motos in the style of a BMW R65. The listing claims it’s based on a ’95 model, which I assume is a typo as this bike stopped production in ’93, but who cares. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any substantial information on this nifty little bike. Find this mini BMW for sale through Bonham’s Auction House where it will be up for sale in Paris on February 6th, 2014. Estimated price is between $11-12,000. Yikes.

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