Mini Gixxer – 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50

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In the late 80s, Japanese manufacturers made a series of mini-bikes. While the Yamaha YSR50 and Honda NSR50 are probably some of the most common, the Suzuki GSXR-50 was one of the best looking, due to the full fairings and 4 interesting graphics packages available.


The little gixxer was only made for 2 years, which means it’s one of the hardest minibikes to find in the US.


This specific example was imported from Japan, so the speedometer is in kilometers.


Making just 5.2 hp and weighing 140 pounds, this won’t be much more than a novelty item, but these mini-bikes can still be a lot of fun.


Find this Suzuki GSXR-50 here on Craigslist in Charlotte, Michigan for $2500.