Needs Some Work – 2 1973 Alouette AX125 Projects

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Normally when you think of motorcycle makers based out of Canada, the first thing that comes to mind is Can-Am. But some of you may remember Alouette, a Canadian snowmobile manufacturer that expanded into dirt bikes so that their dealers would have vehicles to sell and service during the summer. The AX125 was introduced in 1973, but sales were abysmal (only about 700 total) and Alouette, which had been purchased by Coleco, was shut down in 1975. For more on Alouette and their story, check out this write-up from Classic Jap Cycles.

Alouette AX125 - Left Side

Alouette used Sachs 125cc “B” engines paired with a six-speed transmission – the engine wasn’t particularly good. Here’s your chance to snag 2 of them, but the problem is you’re going to need to both (and some extra parts) to make one decent example. At least the seller has a new decal kit available? Find these Alouettes for sale in Yorba Linda, California with an unmet opening bid of $100

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