Needs Some Work – Harley-Powered Cushman

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When this Eagle left the Cushman factory in 1957, it had a 318cc engine that produced 8 horsepower. This one’s a little bit different, thanks to a 1,000cc Harley engine. Insert joke here about how few horsepower a Harley engine makes anyway.

The seller found this bike (VIN: 3A62442H3) in an estate sale and he’s not 100% sure of the engine size. No matter what, it’ll be a definite improvement over the original unit, once you get it work. The engine turns over but the bike isn’t running at the moment. In addition, the back wheel isn’t attached to the rest of the motorcycle, but the seller’s including a custom chrome axle and the original chain. Get it running and scare the crap out of yourself!

Cushman Harley - Rear Right

Find this Cushman for sale in Tampa, Florida with bidding up to $919

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Rob B!

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