Needs Work – 1964 DKW Hummel 155

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Affectionately known as the Tin Banana, DKW Hummel 155 featured incredibly distinctive bodywork. They were never imported to the US, but it’s not like it’s easy to find them in Europe, either. Mechanically, the bike had a 50cc engine that put out 4.2 horsepower. With a 3-speed transmission, this banana could spend all day at 45 miles per hour.

I’ve been waiting for a long time to feature on of these, but I cannot seem to find any high quality examples. Recently, this thing sold for $5,201, so I’m guessing the bike I’m featuring today MIGHT be fairly priced:
Tin Banana - Left Side

Because you’ll need the motivation, here’s a picture of what these bikes should look like (photo from Wired Magazine):
Tin Banana - Right Side

Find this DKW Hummel 155 for sale in Chicago, Illinois with an unmet opening bid of $4,999