Never Ridden – 1977 Yamaha XT500

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Post Sale Update: This XT sold for $14,500 after 57 bids on eBay in Chicago, Illinois.

From the seller of the never ridden YZ80 yesterday comes something just as pristine but a bit bigger. The Yamaha XT500 was the original Yamaha thumper, and an instant sales success. This enduro bike was produced for 15 years, eventually leading to an entire range of “XT” bikes of varying displacements and cementing Yamaha’s reputation as a quality dual sport maker in the American and European markets.

Sharing its very reliable engine with the SR500, the XT500 was capable of 90 miles per hour, as its 499 cc engine produced 31.5 horsepower and 27 pound feet of torque – more than sufficient considering it weighed just 310 pounds dry. None of that is going to matter with today’s bike (VIN: 1E6-110226), which has never been ridden (and according to the seller, was only recently started for the first time). The bike has been detailed and everything is original – the tool kit “is so fresh that even the wrench hasn’t been put together.” The 80 was cool, but this is much more intriguing to me.

Find this XT for sale in Chicago, Illinois with bidding up to $4,550 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay.

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