No Reserve – 1976 Honda MR175

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Post Sale Update: This MR175 sold for $1,488 after 64 bids on eBay.

Honda released the MR175 in 1975 with an atypical “Glare Green” paint job. The next year, they went back to the red that we’ve all come to expect from the company. The motor was a 171cc 2-stroke single and it was paired with a 5-speed transmission. Dry weight was just 207 pounds.

This example (VIN: MR175-2007052) is being offered by a seller who appreciates “finding rare items, enjoying them for a while, and then offering them back to the market.” He’s had this example since spring of this year, and it’s exclusively served as a display unit in his office. It needs a new gasket on the exhaust manifold, and the seller notes that it can be “kind of cranky to start”. He rates it a 6 out of 10, so it’s obviously not perfect but it could be an interesting play bike. To help you evaluate the bike, the seller has a Dropbox album of ~100 photos.

Find this MR for sale in Louisville, Kentucky with bidding up to $627

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