No Reserve – 1984 Honda VF1000F Interceptor

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Post Sale Update: This Interceptor sold for $3,250 after 3 bids on eBay in Brookline, New Hampshire.

Launched in 1984 in response to America’s desire for a bigger Interceptor, the Honda VF1000F was the flagship of the V4 line…until Honda brought us the VF1000R just a year later.

The VF-F featured a DOHC 998cc engine that produced 113 horsepower, adjustable Pro-Link suspension, and triple discs. It entered a tough marketplace at the $4,995 price point, but it was a compelling package for a wide variety of riders. As Motorcyclist put it, “it’s currently the only machine that gives a sport rider good sporting handling and the overall engine performance that you’d expect from the newest generation of superbikes.” Want to learn more? Honda is dedicated specifically to this model, with plenty of information. Or check out this period review from Motorcyclist.

This example has had one owner until very recently, the seller says that he “just picked [it] up from the original 70 something year old owner.” The bike had apparently never been down with the 25+ years of the original owner, so he’d disappointed to hear that it just met the ground for the first time when the seller “forgot to put in gear when on sidestand on a slight downhill.” The seller includes pictures of the damage, which includes a broken clutch lever and scuff in the front cowl. Everything is said to work though there are a few other minor cosmetic issues – scratches on the front fender, a scuff on the left muffler, and rust on the center stand. The seller suggests that you need to give it an oil change and it’ll be ready to ride anywhere.

Find this Interceptor for sale in Brookline, New Hampshire with bidding up to $3,000 here on eBay.