No Reserve – 1992 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

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When Suzuki introduced the RGV250, it was a revelation. MCN put it thusly: “back in the day 250cc race replicas were the sharpest handling, most frenzied, maddest things you could buy on two wheels. Nowadays the RGV250 is a modern classic and is probably a bit slower and softer than you’d remember. It still looks good, sounds amazing and the smell of burning two-stroke oil will take you right back. Put simply, it’s still sensational.”

The second generation of the RGV (Racing Gamma V-Twin) debuted in 1991 as the VJ22. It featured 41mm upside down forks, 17″ rear wheel, a bump in power to 62 hp (restricted to 45 hp for JDM bikes), and some electronics including Multiple Digital Ignition System (MDIS), Automatic Exhaust Timing Control (AETC), and Suzuki Advanced Power Control (SAPC). 1992 brought different colors and a remote master cylinder for the rear brake.

We’re offering this example (VIN: VJ22A121414) over at Iconic – it came to us as part of a collection of two-strokes in South Africa that weren’t officially sold in the US, so I think it’s cool to give US riders an opportunity to enjoy them! It has 5,247 miles and we cleaned the carbs, flushed the brakes, and installed a new battery/tires in preparation for the listing (though the previous maintenance history is not known). It has an Arrow exhaust but is otherwise stock.

Find this RGV for sale in Santa Monica, California with bidding up to $11,100 here on Iconic Motorbike Auctions.

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