No Reserve JDM Import – 1993 Yamaha SRV250

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Post Listing Update: This SRV sold for $1,425 after 26 bids on eBay in San Jacinto, California.

The SRV250 was Yamaha’s baby cafe racer, a la the Honda GB500 – except the SRV was never officially sold in the US.

The SRV (besides being a “Soulful V-Twin” as shown in the picture below) features the 250cc V-Twin from the Virago cruiser. Yamaha gave the motor dual carbs and a different cam which bumped power from 21 to 27 horsepower, and gave it some pretty nifty styling.

This example has 14,840 miles and it features a Supertrapp exhaust. There are plenty of signs of a low speed crash on the left side, so you’ll have to decide if the difficulty of finding parts for a rare bike is worth how unique you’ll be.

Find this SRV for sale in San Jacinto, California with an unmet opening bid of $250

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