1977 Kawasaki KH400

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Post Sale Update: This KH400 sold for $6,250 after 18 bids on eBay.

9-20-18 Update: 9 months later, this bike is back up for sale. It’s moved to Florida with a new owner, and during that time it got restored instruments and NOS mirrors. The seller believes the carbs may need to be cleaned, but otherwise it’s the same bike and for some reason it looks like the reserve has already been met even though bidding is only up to $2,900 in Kissimmee, Florida

Post Sale Update: After 40 bids on eBay, this KH sold for $7,900!

By 1977, all that was left of Kawasaki’s legendary line of triples were the KH250 and the KH400, the latter an evolution of the S3 Mach 2 – Kawi wanted to keep the names consistent with the KZ line. Unfortunately, the evolution was due to tightening emissions requirements, so the newer bike had less power – a disappointing end to a line of bikes that once included the Widowmaker.

That’s not to say the KH400 was a bad bike. Cycle World has the following to say in a period middleweight comparison: “But even with its little package of developments and refinements, the KH re­tains the kind of character that had it highly-placed in several of the perfor­mance-intensive test categories, and ranked down near to the bottom in the categories that emphasized comfort. It’s light (the lightest in the test at 378 pounds with a full tank), inexpensive ($1,239 suggested retail) and has the kind of power-to-weight ratio (12 Ibs/hp) that guarantees invigorating acceleration. It is also, in keeping with the larger-displacement Kawatriples that preceded it, a bit harsh in terms of finish, styling and myriad details which other factories handle more deli­cately. But crude or no, the KH is a genuinely fun motorcycle to be around— as long as you’re tuned into good han­dling and hot engines.

This example (VIN: S3F38244) is claimed to be a complete restoration from the crank up, done by a former Kawasaki dealership owner who performed many personal restorations. The seller claims that everything works and he has lots of receipts and service records. Find this KH for sale in Chelsea, Michigan with bidding up to $3,450

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