Dual Sport Unicorn – 1993 Honda Africa Twin XRV750

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The Honda Africa Twin is an absolute legend in the dual-sporting community, and American riders were always heartbroken that this beauty never made it to the United States. We almost never see these up for sale in the states, so we’re very excited to feature one for you now. How good is this bike? It’s based on the NXR-750, which …

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1999 Harley Davidson HD MT500

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Post-Sale Update: This Harley Davidson HD MT500 sold for $8,111.11 after 40 bids on eBay. This HD MT500 is one of the rarest bikes to ever come out of the HD factory, and we’re huge suckers for it at Bike-urious. Originally built by the British in the 80s, rights to this bike were sold by Armstrong-CCM to HD, who sold …

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Never Imported – Honda CBX550

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Post Sale Update: This Honda CBX550 was pulled early. The Honda CBX550 is barely known in the United States, as it was never officially imported. Released in 1983, the CBX 550 F2 sport touring motorcycle came with an air cooled, four stroke, 572cc engine with 60 horsepower at 10,000 rpm. This bike was full of innovations of the time, including …

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1998 Bimota Mantra DB3

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Post Sale Update: This Bimota Mantra DB3 did not meet reserve at $7,000.01, having attracted 11 bids. The Bimota Mantra, to put it bluntly, is probably the ugliest motorcycle to come out of the Rimini company’s doors. With that said, we love that they took a chance – you may never see a bike that looks like this again.

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1966 BSA Thunderbolt A65

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted on eBay, this BSA Thunderbolt sold for $4,600. The BSA Thunderbolt, despite the aggressive, sporty name, was designed to be a touring bike from the Birmingham Small Arms company. That’s right – BSA (which at its peak, was the largest motorcycle producer in the world) was a originally a gun manufacturer. Guns and bikes …

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Lightning Strikes Twice – Buell XB12STT

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Today we’re featuring two of the same bike – the Buell XB12STT Lightning. Built for only two years, this bike was a supermoto inspired version of the XB12S Lightning. As supermoto guys will tell you, that means this is the most fun bike Buell had made at the time (and they were probably right).

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Classic Hack – 1947 Indian Chief 74

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Post-Sale Update: After 20 bids, this Indian Chief 74 Sidecar did not meet reserve at $27,480. It’s been a while since we’ve featured a sidecar rig on Bike-urious, but this Indian Chief 74 with a matching sidecar definitely deserves mention. Built for just over 31 years, the Chief was one of Indian’s most popular models.

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1983 Honda CX650T Turbo

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Post Sale Update: We can’t believe it, but after 38 bids on eBay, this Honda CX650T sold for $15,100!  Wow. In 1982, Honda introduced its first production turbocharged motorcycle, the CX500T. The next year, they bumped up displacement to form the Honda CX650T, one of today’s featured bikes. While Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha all also offered turbo’d competition, but Yamaha …

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1983 Yamaha RX50

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Post-Sale Update: This Yamaha RX50 did not meet reserve at $510. In the 80s, Japanese manufacturers produced several 50cc bikes – though nearly all were in plastics that were reminiscent of sportbikes. Examples previously featured on Bike-urious include the Honda NS50F and Suzuki GSXR50, though the Yamaha YSR50 was one of the most well-known. This bike, the Yamaha RX50, was …

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2004 BMW R1150R Rockster

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Post Sale Update: This BMW R1150R Rockster is no longer available. The BMW R1150R Rockster was an interesting variant on their naked bike of the time, the R1150R. The Rockster was BMW’s take on a streetfighter of sorts, made by pulling together the headlight from a R1150GS, gauges from the R1100S, and throwing them onto the R1150R with a distinctive paint …

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1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

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Post Sale Update: After 17 bids on eBay, this Moto Guzzi V7 Sport sold for $12,883. The Moto Guzzi V7 Sport is still one of the most famous Guzzis ever made. Produced in small numbers (about 3,500) for only three years, it represented a change in focus for the firm. After years of truck-like bikes such as the Ambassador and …

1999 Victory V92C

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In 1997, Polaris announced that they were getting into the motorcycle game, and they decided to do so with a competitor to Harley Davidson called Victory Motorcycles.  In 1998, Polaris introduced the Victory V92C, and commenced selling it the following year.  This is one of those first year bikes.

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Perfect Patina – 1936 Harley Davidson VLH

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Post Sale Update: After 32 bids, this Harley Davidson VLH sold for $24,000. We’re on a little bit of a Harley binge, it seems! The Harley Davidson VLH was a one year only continuation model of the VL series. In fact, it was the ultimate expression of the flathead, which has made it the most collectible. With a 34 horsepower …

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1962 Harley Davidson Topper

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Post-Sale Update: After 47 bids on eBay, this Harley Davidson Topper sold for $4,800 on eBay. The Harley Davidson Topper is the one and only scooter to ever come out of the HD factory. Built during the days when the Milwaukee company was producing bikes with small motors, like the Bobcat, the Topper featured a 165 cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine …