Picture Intermission – 2015 Bonneville Vintage GP

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Bonneville Vintage GP at Miller Motorsports Park. My main intent was to go check out the sidecar racing, but it was impossible not to take photos of all kinds of vintage goodness. So, here’s a bunch of said photos.

Warning – I took way too many photos. So here’s approximately 50 of my favorites (not in any particular order), and then there’ll be a link to the entire set at the end if you want even more images!

When they say vintage racing, they mean vintage racing:

Photogenic guy on a classic Duc:

My new favorite team name:

Beautiful classic BMW:

Triumph “Ray Gun” exhausts:

Team Honda!

Utah – not just Mormons!

Someone would sell you race take-offs for cheap.

Beautiful Studebaker pickup, complete with swamp cooler:

Not everyone wants/gets a pit!

Who needs a pit bike?

Rickman goodness:

I was admiring this pit bike while the guy riding it was admiring…something else:

NYC Norton came out with a trifecta of gorgeous Seeley G50s.

Mr. Photogenic on the classic Duc takes care of a bit of maintenance:

One of my favorite bikes from the weekend was this gorgeous Honda 175:

Like I said, the main reason I went to Utah was to check out the sidecar racing team of Bernard Juchli and Kevin Kautzky.

Bernard (there’ll be plenty more photos of him coming soon):

Kevin – his father was also a monkey, and Kevin’s got a tattoo commemorating his dad:

Their sweet rig – their team name is Team Big Dog Garage, as Bernard is the head mechanic at Jay Leno’s Garage:

Bernard and a guest monkey head out for one of many practice runs on Friday:

My favorite sidecar rig was this BMW R75/6 powered rig:

Side view:

Doing a little tuning:

I desperately want to try this:

The first sidecar race starts:

Doing a little work in the pits:

The passenger in a sidecar setup is often called a ‘monkey’. Here are two monkeys of wildly differing sizes!

This sidecar rig takes the affectionate monkey term to heart:

One of the newer designs in Formula 1 Sidecar:

Another sidecar team was giving out the great pins:

Different cornering styles due to different sidecar designs:

Bernard and Kevin come back from their Saturday race:

Intermission Over!

Has there ever been a more purposeful tachometer? This was on a well-prepped Triumph Thruxton.

Friday was for practice – Saturday and Sunday was for racing. Both days started with a CB160 race – which features a Le Mans start:

Running to their bikes:

Hopping on:

And they’re off!

Also on Saturday was a motorcycle show hosted by Motorcycle Classics. Norton was the featured marque – I loved these auxiliary boxes on a classic Brit bike:

Sweet knee pucks:

My best attempt at a Ford advertisement:

Someone working on an engine – can you guess what kind of engine this is?

Cotton – a British manufacturer that advertised themselves as “The Motorcycle Masterpiece”. Humble.

1960s Centaur – ‘the original fold up scooter!’. Check out this link for more information.

Great helmet:

Cal, one of the guys in charge:

A couple of bikes you wouldn’t necessarily think of as capable vintage racers:

Another take on BSA – RSF, Royal Sterling Formula. I couldn’t find any more information on this, but I’m hoping one of you might have a clue?

Might as well give someone something nice to stare at when they’re behind you:

Brammo came out with some serious equipment:

The ‘gauge cluster’ of said Brammo:

Possibly the best use in history of a Bud Light:

Down near the southern tip of Baja is Doug’s Baja Nortons. Yes, his vehicle is a hearse – and he had a rolodex on his dashboard!

And lastly, something that’s not a motorcycle! One of the sidecar teams brought their baby Rottweiler:

Alright, those were some of my favorites. But if you want even more photos, check out the rest of the album here. Hope you enjoyed!

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