Picture Intermission – 9/26 Sunday Ride

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I had some free time last Sunday, so I took a little ride to the Rock Store…and then I went a bit further. Here’s some of my favorite bikes from the day!

Larry Romestant’s custom Flying Brick called the “KAgusta”. I’ve shared this bike before when it was once listed for sale at Bator International.

A Ducti Mike Hailwood Replica – the rider had a sweet light grey two-piece suit that’s very 80s.

Two buddies showed up on first and second generation CBXs, it was very cool to see them side by side.

This Suzuki Katana is owned by an Iconic client and it makes a sweet sound through the Bassani exhaust.

The Katana owner’s friend showed up on this Honda CBR900RR.

The pedestrian slicer gives you the basics on this bike, a 1952 BMW R67/2. The R67 was BMW’s first postwar 600cc. It was produced for one year as the R67 before the R67/2 was sold between ’52 and ’54. 4,226 units were sold before BMW then moved to the /3. The 67/2 produced 28 horsepower, and amusingly enough BMW differentiated top speeds between a solo rider sitting normally and a solo rider “crouched low with tight clothing” – 84 and 90 miles per hour, respectively.

I love the front end looks of the Yamaha GTS1000.

This is a EVA Ribelle, the naked version of the EGO. Energica bills it as the “world’s one and only e-fighter.” It makes a decent 144 horsepower and a staggering 159 lb-ft of torque!

I don’t care what anyone rides, though it was a little weird to me to see a large American flag hanging off the back of a Yamaha cruiser. Not that I expected to see a Japanese flag, mind you, it was just a little jarring.

Normally when I join my Iconic Motorbikes team for the Rock Store ride on Sundays, I head back home right afterwards to get a head start on auction listings for the week. This time I decided to continue on and make the most out of my Sunday. This is what I ended up doing – 230 miles, just 7 of which were on freeways!

Along the way I saw a V85TT that had been clearly enjoyed off-road:

Somehow, I saw a second V85TT, this time in the new 100th Anniversary livery. You have to love that Tenni Green.

The Deer Lodge in Ojai is a popular biker stop.

I liked this KTM 890 Duke which was slathered in carbon fiber…

…as well as a classic Indian and even a Boss Hoss with a Chevy 350 V8 engine.

I also made a new friend who happened to be on another rare blue-and-white twin-cylinder naked. We rode up 33 together before going our separate ways around Frazier Park. He mentioned that the livery was called Dream Blue and it was created in response to the Italian soccer team winning the 2006 World Cup, though I haven’t found another source that confirms that as of yet.

I even saw a weird helicopter that was in someone’s driveway! Anybody know what this is?

I enjoyed this route so much that I ended up doing it again the next week (yesterday). Hopefully I’ll see you out there on the next one!