Picture Intermission – Bike-urious SoCal Supermoto Day

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Over the last month, I’ve bugged you all a couple of times about a private day at Brian Murray’s SoCal Supermoto School. Well, this week it finally happened so I figured I’d share a little bit about how it went and hopefully make you jealous enough to come out for the next one!

Here’s a little summary of the day with sprinkles of random shots from all around the track. Thanks to Aaron Schasse for the photography!

The morning started off with an orientation/supermoto 101 class, after which we met our steeds:

I immediately did my best to ruin photos:

Nathan says hi:

As does Beale:

As Brian puts it, the engines, transmissions, tires, and brakes are all good in these bikes – it’s the levers and cosmetics that are beat up (and that’s why the school is affordable). Once you get moving you don’t even notice:

We hit the track for a few laps to get our bearings. Two of the three hairpins are banked. Banked is better. Here’s Nathan showing off his form around the hairpin named Little Monza:

Here’s the flat hairpin. I found this to have the toughest line on the racetrack – Ken was always faster than me around it (though Brian would want him closer to the curbing):

The sessions in the morning are simple. Brian gives lessons in body position, the best racing line, how to judge a corner, etc…and then you get back on the track and practice what you’ve learned:

Damon’s MX background was immediately evident:

Jeremiah shows off some speed:

Going through an instruction session before lunch. I beat the heat by balancing a chunk of ice on my head:

Lunch was handled by my buddy Alston, who catered some delicious BBQ:

Admittedly, it was not a genius move to give everyone food comas on a hot day when we still had plenty of track time left:

After lunch, Brian opens up the dirt portion of the track, and that’s when I’m happiest. This year the dirt was in MUCH better shape than last year. You can actually ride the berm out and it’s much more confidence inspiring than the loose powder I remembered from the summer before.

Beale takes off:

Doesn’t matter if he’s on a big bike or a small bike, Brian’s probably faster than you…

…and he can fly on the little bikes, too:

Some friends with a little side by side action:

Jeremiah gets some air:

Yours truly, though I’m a little fuzzy:

Near the end of the day, Brian usually runs a student race. Don’t get too excited – the winner just gets a high five. Because of the heat, he decided to run the race a bit earlier than usual. In a new development since the last time I did the course, the student race now has a Le Mans start. Here’s everyone lined up:

Thanks to a bit of luck, I jumped out to an early lead. Within a lap I had been passed by both Ken and Jeremiah here:

Unfortunately, one of the riders had a bit of an off during the student race so a few of us had to leave early and I couldn’t arrange a group photo or documentation of the free riding that happened after. Just imagine a bunch of smiling faces…and hopefully we’ll see you out here for the next one!

If you can’t wait, head on over to SoCal Supermoto School and book yourself a day here.

Photos courtesy Aaron Schasse.