Quick Gear Review – AGV Sport Apex Kevlar Jeans

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It’s taken a few years, but gear companies have finally realized that some motorcycle riders don’t always want to look like Power Rangers. Jeans are a popular option but regular denim isn’t ideal in the unfortunate event where you get separated from your bike.

AGV has enjoyed success with their Alloy line of jeans, but now they’ve added a new model of Kevlar-reinforced riding denim at a slightly lower price point. For a $10 discount, you can acquire a pair of the Apex jeans. Thanks to accordion-fabric Spandex stretch panels over the knees and on the seat, these pants will still look like riding gear to anyone that’s paying attention, but the trade-off is that they are very comfortable both on and off the bike.


The protection emphasis here is on sliding – Kevlar is utilized in the usual abrasion and impact areas but hip armor is not an option and while there is space for knee armor, you’ll have to order that separately. The bulk of the construction is 11 and 13 oz denim that’s stone washed and hand distressed.

A polyester, anti-bacterial mesh lining extends from the top of the pants down to your calves, keeping things clean. In conjunction with the relaxed fit and straight leg design, the mesh provides some breathability on warmer days.

Inside Out.

AGV says that all “stress areas” are double stitched. After a month of wear, a couple of stitches in the accordion paneling are starting to fray but the jeans are holding up well otherwise. The Apex jeans have proven to be all day comfortable in temperatures ranging from 50-85 degrees. They’re a solid option for someone who’s looking for distinct style in their riding jeans, and they’re available in black or faded blue depending on your mood.

Check out the AGV Sport Apex Kevlar Jeans ($119) from RevZilla, where they are on closeout for $95.20.

Photos by Nathan May

The above review was written for a magazine after a month of frequent use. I was not inspired enough to keep using them, mainly as I personally do not care for the style, especially the wash and the stretch panels.

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