Rare Custom – 1983 Amazonas

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Post Listing Update: This was relisted several times but it could never get more than $2,500.

With only approximately 450 examples ever built, the Amazonas is rare sight to behold (and I got very excited the last time I got to feature one on Bike-urious). This example has been customized in a way that not everyone will appreciate, but you have to respect the fact that the seller rode it over 10,000 miles from Brazil to Miami. Based on the seller’s pictures, this bike has also made it out to Las Vegas and to Sturgis as well. The listing is unfortunately light on details, but I’ll always feature one of these bikes whenever they come up – I can’t help myself!


The short story on how the Amazonas was created starts in the 1970s, when Brazil’s motorcycle police force was running out of spare parts for the Harley-Davidsons that they were using. The reason for that is because Brazil had implemented a hefty tax on imported products, so the government (and pretty much every private citizen) stopped buying foreign bikes and the parts required to keep them going.


So an enterprising local figured he should try and create a 100% Brazilian bike. At the time, Volkswagen had a plant in Brazil, so the 1,600cc engine in the Beetle was fair game. This resulted in a bike that truly was made in Brazil, but it was also 900 pounds. The 50 horsepower Beetle engine was good for a top speed of 91 miles per hour. Jason Cormier has a great history of this bike on OddBike that you should read – the seller pasted that article into his listing, as well.


This bike (VIN: BSCSD00150) has been heavily customized with a skull/spider motif of sorts. I’m not really even sure what to say beyond that – it’s weird and it’s probably pretty horrid to ride, but the seller and this bike must have some amazing stories. I feel like it deserves to go to a museum like Moto Talbott where people can learn more about the model’s history and what this specific bike has gone through. The seller says this bike has done 100,000 miles and that over 10k of those came on a trip from Brazil to Miami. No comment on the current condition of the bike is given, just that it is sold as is without a warranty.


Find this Amazonas for sale in Doral, Florida with an unmet opening bid of $2,500

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