1983 Amazonas

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Post-Listing Update: After 22 bids on eBay, this Amazonas did not meet reserve at $7,877.

I’m incredibly excited to write this post because I’ve been looking for an Amazonas for sale so I could share this crazy bike with you. It’s taken over 2 years, but finally…we’ve got one.

So, why do I think this bike is so interesting? Here’s the short story: in the 70s, Brazil had an insane tax on imported products, which pretty much extinguished the importation of foreign bikes and parts. But Brazilian cop bikes were Harleys, so they were running out of the spare parts required for maintenance. A local decided this meant the time was right to try and create a Brazilian motorcycle with domestic parts. His idea was to use the venerable 1600cc Volkswagen engine as VW had a plant in Brazil, and it resulted in one of the most absurd bikes ever built – 50 horsepower, 900 pounds, 91 mph top speed, and a production run of about 450.

Amazonas - Front

For all the information you’d ever want on this rare bike, check out this incredibly comprehensive profile from OddBike – I promise it’s worth the read. In addition, commenter SilverArrow found a thread on this exact bike from the seller, who seems to have acquired it about 18 months ago. The seller covers a the bike a bit and shares a ride video.

This example is the “Super Sport” and is apparently the only known Amazonas that was imported but not as a kit bike. It has just 255 miles but is a ‘true barn/shed find’, so it’s been neglected for many years. The brake calipers, lines, and master cylinders were rebuilt but the electrical system will need some work.

Find this Amazonas for sale in Santa Ynez, California with bidding up to $1,875 and the reserve not yet met

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