Rare in the US – 1983 Honda CX650ED

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In 1983, Honda updated the CX500 platform with a big bump in displacement. The resulting CX650 was offered in three models, two of which the US received. Americans got the CX650C Custom and the CX650T Turbo. The third model was the ED, also known as the Eurosport. While you missed out on the lag and extra power of a turbo, the ED was easier to maintain and obviously much more rare in the States.

The motor was the same 60 horsepower unit found in the base CX650, with some features from the Turbo’d CX500 like TRAC anti-dive forks, disc brakes front and rear, and Pro-Link rear suspension.

This example was acquired by the seller with the intent of performing a restoration, but he won’t be getting around to it. Confusingly, the seller says that there are 55k miles on the bike but the photos show ~44,000 kilometers (approximately 27,500 miles). Still, the bike is claimed to “run and sound great” though there’s a missing sidecover and the Corbin seat should be recovered. The tires are new and the bike is not in DMV records. I assume this would be very difficult to register in CA, so I’m curious to know what the seller’s plan was. Either way, that’ll be a fun issue for the next owner to solve…

Find this CX650E for sale in Ladera Ranch, California for $3,100 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Bryan W!

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