Rare in the US – 2017 Bultaco Brinco RE

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Bultaco stopped producing bikes in 1983, though they had a brief revival in 1998 when Sherco (a combination of Sherpa and Bultaco) used the name for a couple of years. The firm was best known for their two-stroke off-roaders and even the occasional road bike like the Metralla. So when the company was revived in 2015, it was a bit of a shock when their first product was revealed to be an electric-assist mountain bike called the Brinco. One year later, Bultaco took a step closer to what I hope is eventual motorcycle production by creating a street legal version of the Brinco that is classified as a moped. They are not officially sold in the US, but someone in New Hampshire has imported one “directly from Bultaco” if you’re America’s biggest Bultaco fan.

First, I think you need to see it in action. Bultaco’s slogan is “Rock Your Day”, which is why you’ll keep hearing it throughout this clip:

This is the RE model, which is the highest spec of the street legal Brincos. You’ll gain lights and a mirror but lose a little bit of top speed as the off-road version has a top speed of 37 miles per hour and mopeds aren’t allowed to go that fast in most European countries. Suspension travel is 7 inches up front and 8.5 inches in the rear and the entire package weighs 93 pounds.

Propulsion is via the pedals or a 2,000 watt electric motor paired with nine speeds and an overdrive. You have the option of a 28 mph top speed or a 15.5 mph top speed (the different seems to be a software change), and the seller doesn’t clarify which one this is. For more on the Brinco, check out this description on New Atlas.

This bike (VIN: UBR0B3B1BGE000167) is brand new and it comes with the charger, tools, accessories, manual, and whatever else might be included in the “Welcome Kit” shown in the photo below.

Find this Brinco for sale here on Craigslist for $6,000 in Amherst, New Hampshire.

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