Rare No Reserve Project- 1984 Honda TLM50

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Post Listing Update: This Honda TLM50 did not get any interest at the opening bid of $1,499.

When reader Rob B shared this bike to me, he mentioned that he had never heard of it before. That makes two of us! Turns out that outside of the US, Honda offered a baby version of the TL trials bike with a 50cc two-stroke engine.

As a quick primer with the TL bikes, TLM denoted a two-stroke powerplant, while TLR (including the TLR250 that the US did receive) meant the engine was a four-stroke. The TLM50 was marketed as a beginner’s trials bike, though Honda was quick to mention that it had a “full size frame with many interchangeable parts with TLR250” in advertisements. Dry weight was just 154 pounds.

This example (VIN: AD07-1000220) has a healthy 6,300+ miles, though it’s currently not running. It’s presented as a project that was acquired from a “big powersports auction” – it doesn’t have an ignition and “will need some TLC to get running.” Hopefully the next owner also decides to get rid of all the stickers and make it look stock-ish again. The engine is said to spin freely and have compression. I don’t know if anyone is going to find this to be worth saving, but I figured it was worth sharing as basically never see these in the US.

Find this TLM for sale in Manasquan, New Jersey with an unmet opening bid of $1,499 here on eBay.

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