Rare Russian – 1992 Voskhod 3M-01

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Post-Sale Update: This Voskhod 3M-01 sold for $1,100.

Since 1965, a company based out of Kovrov, Russia has been pumping out a variety of motorcycles, all of which utilize a 173cc engine. Some of you may remember these bikes branded as the Cossack, sold in the UK in the 70s, but we’d be impressed if you’ve heard of any of these bikes before – particularly today’s Voskhod 3M-01. Think of it as the Russian equivalent of an HD Bobcat, meaning a clone of the DKW RT125.

Voskhod 3M-01 - Front Left

Powered by a 173cc two-stroke single that was capable of 14 horsepower, the Voskhod 3M-01 tops out at 65 miles per hour. You got drum brakes front and rear, and a 4 speed transmission – the total package weighed 266 pounds dry. Surprisingly, you ‘only’ got 56 miles per gallon…we would have expected higher. Want to learn more? Colin Atkinson gives you a great summary of his experience owning one of these for many years.

Voskhod 3M-01 - Gauges

This specific Voskhod 3M-01 is a runner, with just 23 miles on the odometer. It was apparently imported to the states right after purchases, and has spent many years in storage. Frankly, it looks like it was designed in the 60s, but it’s only 11 years old. There are a couple of minor needs, but you’ll get some extras and it’s currently in a ‘dual-sport’ setup with a fully enclosed chain, rear mudflap, and original semi-knobbies (that should be replaced). You’ll definitely be the only one in the neighborhood with one of these. Heck, you might be the only one in the US!

Voskhod 3M-01 - Right Side

Find this Voskhod 3M-01 for sale here on eBay with a BIN price of $1,250 in Cape Coral, Florida.