Rare Scooter Project – 1963 Triumph Tina

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A rare scooter from Triumph, the Tina was introduced in 1962 in an attempt to diversify the lineup and offer a scooter for “shoppers” – they already had the 250cc Tigress for riders who wanted a more capable scooter.

The Tina featured a 100cc two-stroke single with a CVT. It was not a good seller, and had a bit of a design flaw – there was a handlebar switch that had to be flipped between “start” and “drive” – it was feasible for someone to shut the scooter off in “drive” but forget to flip the switch before kick starting the bike again. This even happened to the designer, Edward Turner, who ended up crashing and breaking his ankle.

This example has been sitting for 25 years so it’ll need some love to be more than a display piece. Is it worth saving? If you think so, find this Tina for sale in Northport, New York for $1,250 here on Facebook Marketplace.

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