RC36 – 1991 Honda VFR750F

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Now normally I would not get all too excited about a Honda sportbike. They generally fit into the category referred to as “UJMs”, that is, universal Japanese motorcycles, the standard inline-4 cylinder we are all so familiar with. But back in 1986 Honda took a slightly different route. The 1986 model was introduced as a fully-faired, V-4 of 748cc, with double overhead cams driven by gears rather than a timing chain. As such, the engine was extremely reliable and required somewhat less intensive maintenance. The VFR was designed to be primarily a sport-touring bike, but some race versions were specially built by Honda and they had some success in the hands of such notable riders as Waine Rainey, Bubba Shobert and Fred Merkel.

Not sure what Wayne is up to here – checking his six?

Anyway, this particular VFR750F in a second-generation 1991 model. It has the iconic single-sided swingarm and looks stunning in red and silver. There are some extras like a Corbin seat, Yoshimura can, and seat cowl. Tires are almost new Michelins. At 16K miles, it is just due for it’s first valve inspection.

The seller claims it is a babied, one-owner bike, and from the pictures in the listing, it does look good. No indications of faded plastics on this dash or switchgear

This VFR750F is located in Lawrenceville, GA, and is listed for $4,500 here on Craigslist.