Restored – 1975 Honda Rickman CR750 Cafe Racer

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Post Listing Update: This Rickman CR750 did not get any action at the BIN of $19,850 on eBay.

The Rickman brothers made a name for themselves by building incredible frames to put (usually) Triumph motors in, but in the 70s they also expanded to building frames for Japanese bikes like the Kawasaki Z1 and the Honda CB750. This is one of the latter, which can be summarized from a quote from the Rickman brothers themselves: “The Japanese produced very good engines, but they put much less attention into their chassis…we developed our own frames to accept those new four-cylinder engines. Our kits handled very well as compared to the production models.”

The engines were left untouched, so you got the usual 736cc inline four that produced 67 horsepower. But instead of a bike that some described as “wobbly” at 90 mph, the Rickman frame (made out of 531 Reynolds manganese-molybdenum) made this bike sure-footed at even three-digit speeds. For more on the Rickman Honda CR750, check out this article from Motorcycle Classics.

This example (VIN: 4299G) is “an over-the-top restoration using solely original, period correct parts or accurate reproductions”, and it’s been dubbed the “California Hot Rod” by its seller, Jay Farlow. Extras include a Wiseco 836cc forged piston kit, Kenny Harmon F cam, Barnett clutch, Kerker 4-1 exhaust, Mikuni 29mm smoothbore carbs, Martek ignition system, Lockhart oil cooler, S&W oil pressure gauge, and several other period-correct mods.

For some pricing context, this was on Bring a Trailer in June and it did not meet reserve at $15,801. Find this Rickman for sale in Alpharetta, Georgia with a BIN of $19,850 or best offer here on eBay.

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