Guess That Bike Revealed – Key Edition

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Congratulations to Todd Trumbore, who was the first to correctly identify that this key is used to fire up the mighty six-cylinder heart of a Benelli Sei 900!

Now, it’s clear from all the other guesses that Moto Guzzi used a similar (if not identical) design on some of their 80s machines. I personally don’t have experience with them and a quick google search doesn’t show anything close enough to compare the folding heads. Any of you fine folks willing to take a photo of your matching Guzzi key to share for a comparison? You can either email me ( or attach it to a comment below.

The featured key belongs to this specific 900 Sei, which has less than 400 miles and is about to be listed on Iconic Motorbike Auctions…more on that later!

Yes, it has a double chain:

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