Demo Unit – 2019 Yamaha Niken

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If you’ve been intrigued about the Niken (what Yamaha calls a LMW for “Leaning Multi-Wheeler”) but thought that the cost for a third wheel was too much (MSRP of $15,999), here’s a dealer demo unit that’s got an asking price in four digits.

I reviewed the Niken GT for Cycle News last year if you want my thoughts on it, but the short version is the second front wheel genuinely offers a way for sport-touring riders to be more confident in their travels – and more confidence means less stress and more fun. It’s an attention-getter and it was offered in very limited numbers so you’ll definitely have something unique, but my money would go towards the Tracer 900 GT, personally. But different people can like different things, so here’s one for those of you that want to dabble with a third wheel.

This example (VIN: JYARN63YXKA000383) has 1,904 miles and has been a dealer demo unit so it’s treated as a new bike in terms of warranty and potential financing.

Find this Niken for sale in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin for $9,995 here on Craigslist through Rock River Powersports ($129 doc fee and $120 dealer prep fee. “We do NOT add any other dealer fees. No destination fee, no handling fee, no acquisition fee, no BS.”)

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Dan A!

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