Santa Barbara – 1964 Yamaha YA6

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The YA6 was best known for being Yamaha’s first production bike with automatic oil injection – you may remember the feature by the name of “Autolube.” The oil injection was immensely popular and was offered throughout Yamaha’s lineup for decades. The YA6 was much less successful, making them a rare find nowadays. This survivor has remained in good shape and it was on display at a Yamaha dealership for over 15 years. Last licensed in 1983, it has spent the last two decades in heated storage.

The 125cc rotary valve single was the first production two-stroke with oil injection, and the Autolube system was advanced enough to earn Yamaha a Safety & Engineering award from Auto & Motor Sport magazine. For more on this bike, check out this story on Cycle World.

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The seller of this example says it features a “rare dealer installed Trail Package.” I’ve seen a few other YA6s online that feature a solo seat, rear luggage rack, taller handlebars, and off-road tires, but I can’t find any independent mentions of the Trail Package. It’s said to run and ride great as it has just 1,450 miles on the odometer. Everything is said to work.

Find this Yamaha for sale here on Craigslist in Philomath, Oregon for $1,699.

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