“Senna” – Ducati Monster 750 Si.e.

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In the late 1990’s, Ducati released a limited edition of the 916, called the Senna. Built to honor the late Ayrton Senna, only 300 were produced in a distinctive gray with red wheels paint scheme. Though Ducati has never officially brought the Senna name back for a bike sold in the US, they have done so for other countries – most recently in Brazil with the new Panigale. Even though the US hasn’t seen the name since the 916, Ducati has used the paint scheme again, for bikes like the Ducati Monster 750 Si.e. Ducati fans affectionately call bikes with a similar paint scheme as “Sennas”.

Ducati Monster 750 Si.e. - Left Side

The ie in the model name refers to fuel injection, while the S is commonly though of to be the “Senna”. This specific Ducati Monster 750 Si.e. has under 5,000 miles, and has had a recent service. You’ll get all the paperwork you could expect, including the manual and all three keys. The bike is stock with the exception of Cycle Cat frame sliders, and it looks good except for a tank ding. Not sure why the seller calls it “typical”, but that’s the only cosmetic flaw. The seller claims that only 200 of the Senna colored Monsters have been produced – we can’t seem to verify that.

Ducati Monster 750 Si.e. - Sidecover

Find this Ducati Monster 750 Si.e. for sale here on Craigslist for $4,500 in Chicago, Illinois.

Ducati Monster 750 Si.e. - Tire

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