Silver Wing – 1983 Honda GL650 Interstate

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When it was first released, the Honda GL500 basically sat in a class by itself – a full dress, middleweight tourer. Hell, I can’t think of something similar that’s available now – can you? In general, press and riders liked the bike but thought it was underpowered. So Honda responded by throwing in the engine from the CX650, making the GL650 you see here in front of you.

Despite the name, the engine displaced 673cc and produced 64 horsepower – a 14 pony bump over the CX500. In addition, thanks to new transmission gearing, this bike got better gas mileage than it’s predecessor, despite the bump in weight and power. All this sounds great, but the GL650 lasted just one year before Honda killed it. Why? Because of the 45% import taxes on Japanese bikes that was instituted in ’83. The baby Gold Wing became overpriced and Honda decided to stop there. For more on the 650cc Silver Wing, check out this profile from Eric Peters Autos.

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