Sitting For Years – 1980 Suzuki GS450

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Post Listing Update: This GS450 did not get any interest at the opening ask of $1,995.

The Suzuki GS450 doesn’t grab as many headlines as Honda’s middleweight competitor, but it was still a machine that was worth of your consideration. Options included a boxy take on the café racer and some more relaxed, cruiser oriented styles. Journalists of the time spoke about bouncy suspension and bad carburetion, but most bikes from the 80s feel soft comparatively soft and slow anyways. Fans have since fixed these issues and the aftermarket will carry you deep into shopping cart custom builds. The chassis is light and the 6th gear allows for comfortable cruising at highway speeds. I rode a 1977 GS450 in college and was always impressed how far the extra gear could go. While there isn’t as much hype surrounding the Suzuki, the prices can be much more approachable for a similarly classic riding experience.

This 1980 Suzuki GS450 (VIN: GS450512040) was last registered in 1994. Prior to storage, it was ridden just 1,191 miles. Readers have commented recently that low mile bikes often require full services, and sometimes may not be worth their high asking prices. Fortunately, the listing is up front about needing a little work. The fuel system was cleaned and a new battery was installed, but it does not actually say that it runs. The cosmetics however show signs of a well-kept bike that isn’t too nice to ride. What are your thoughts on Suzuki’s classic middleweight contender?

Find this GS450 for sale in Lockport, New York with an unmet opening bid of $1,995

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