Start a Collection – 22 Motorcycles in Ventura, CA

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Someone in southern California is undergoing a self-proclaimed “fall clearing garage sale”, and he/she has 22 bikes – some of which are very interesting.

You don’t need to buy all at once, as the seller has individual prices on everything. Personal highlights include a Harley-Davidson Sprint 250, Honda NSR80, Kawasaki KX420, Honda P50, and a Powroll-kitted Honda SL100. The Honda Pacific Coast never really did anything for me but I know it’s a cult bike and $2,950 is cheaper than I usually see in terms of an asking price. Most of the bikes look like they need work, but the prices don’t seem unreasonable so it’s hard to complain. What would you want to take home?

Find this collection for sale in Ventura, California here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Ed S!

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