Still New – 2013 Gas Gas TXT PRO Racing 250

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Post Sale Update: This Gas Gas did not meet reserve despite 7 bids up to $3,850, however it was relisted four times and eventually sold for a BIN of $4,850 on eBay in Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut.

The 2013 iteration of Gas Gas’ TXT PRO trials bike was available in four displacements: 125, 250, 280, and 300. Here’s a 250 that’s never been ridden and is still on the MSO.

The 2013 bikes includes some updates from the previous year’s race replica, such as a new fuel tank ventilation system, stronger upper shock mount, quick disassembly system of the shift selector shaft, and more protection of the rear linkage arms. I’m not sure if any of those performance upgrades will matter with this bike (VIN: VTRTG2503D0336359), seeing as it’s never been ridden and the next owner may want to keep it that way. On the other hand, these aren’t exactly collectibles so maybe the next owner will get it dirty?

If that appeals to you, find this Gas Gas for sale in Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut with bidding up to $3,650 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $4,950 here on eBay.