Swiss Army – 1975 Condor A350

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A bike built for the Swiss Army, the Condor A350 was produced between ’73 and ’79. 3,000 were produced, and the military only started releasing them to the public about 15 years ago.

Throughout its history, Condor typically bought engines from other manufacturers, and they kept that trend going when they signed a contract to supply bikes for the Swiss military. Using Ducati 350cc singles (valve spring, not desmodromic) with some modifications to help the engine run with poor quality gas, along with Marzocchi forks and Grimeca wheels/brakes, this was an effective runabout that was able to handle the ups and downs of the Alps. There were plenty of minor changes made to ensure this bike was military appropriate – check out a writeup from Rider Magazine if you want to learn more.

This example is said to be “all original as issued” with a “newer battery and tires”. It has approximately 4,800 miles and the seller is open to some trades. Find this Condor for sale here on Craigslist in Edgewood, New Mexico for $4,900.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by David S!

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