ToyoHog: 2008 Toyota Prius Harley-Davidson

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Post Listing Update: This disgusting contraption did not meet reserve despite 22 bids up to $2,175 on eBay.

Okay, so…it’s not a motorcycle. But I just had to feature this. A Toyota Prius that was hacked up and gloriously given a Harley-Davidson engine for competition in Lemons is now available to cause you untold amounts of miseryjoy. May this be the only Prius I ever feature.

Toyota Prius Harley-Davidson - Engine

First, the technical stuff. The engine is from a 1986 Harley Davidson Sportster 883, but it’s been bored to 1100cc. It uses a stock transmission with a brand new Barnett clutch. You’ll also get a spare 1200cc Sportster engine and transmission, but it will need a little bit of work before you throw it into the car – the car uses a chain drive from the engine to power the front wheels through the original (but modified) diff. Impressively, the chain tension is adjustable through some sort of sliding mechanism.

Toyota Prius Harley-Davidson - Left Side

Other amusing features include a 1.75x.05 DOM custom rollcage, Bassani straight-through exhaust, push/pull sequential shifter, gas pedal from a Austin Mini Cooper (because the seller doesn’t trust drive by wire), and more. Here’s the big problem – the engine isn’t currently working. Good luck with that.

Toyota Prius Harley-Davidson - Roll Cage

Find this Prius/HD contraption for sale in Escondido, California with bidding up to $1,075 and the reserve not yet met

Toyota Prius Harley-Davidson - Under Hood

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