Track Ready – 1984 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts

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Only sold in the states from 84-85, these were the first bikes in the US to come equipped with catalytic converters and the first Yamaha street bike in the US to use a perimeter frame. Available in red/white and yellow/black, either option came with Kenny Roberts’ signature on the front fairing – this one’s been prepped for track duty and is claimed to be a “championship winning bike” – though the seller doesn’t provide details about it.

Estimated production of these bikes was around 20,000 – accidents and time have worn down that number significantly. You’ll note the YPVS acronym on the engine: that stands for Yamaha Power Valve System, a computer-controlled valve that could adjust exhaust port timing. This enabled increased torque at low RPMs while maintaining horsepower higher up in the rev band. For more information on the RZ350, check out this profile on Cycle World.

The seller of this RZ simultaneously includes plenty of information but without much detail – it has a brand new “race motor”, FZ suspension, professionally “modified” chassis, and “too many spares to list”. There’s lots of potential there, I’d just love to see more details. It’s got a California title and “only need a light to return to street legal.” Would you race this or ride it on the street? Why not both?

Find this KR for sale in Huntington Beach, California for $8,000 here on Facebook Marketplace.

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