Trials Junkie Duo – 2 Montesa Cota 123s

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If you are at all familiar with Trials, then you are certainly familiar with the name Montesa. Montesa is a Spanish company that has been around since 1944. Formed by Pedro Permanyer and Francisco Bulto, they flourished from the 50’s through the 70’s making small-displacement bikes for the postwar market. They produced numerous road-going models, most notably the Brio and later the Impala. In the 1970’s they branched off into scrambles and trials bikes. The trials bikes were produced in a variety of displacements, from 25cc through 349cc.

The trials bike was named the Cota, and the 123 model was, not surprisingly powered by a 123cc two-stroke engine, putting out 13 hp through a very low-geared 6-speed transmission. Key was a claimed weight of only 156 pounds. Cotas of various displacements were extremely successful for years in European trials competitions.

But, back to these two bikes on offer: The seller is short on pictures, but provides plenty of detail regarding parts and accessories. He has two bikes – one running, but with a questionable 4th gear, and the other unspecified. One is a Cota 123, the other a Cota 123T. He is also including a very extensive list of parts and accessories, enough to pretty much return both bikes to original. And, he’s throwing in a Bultaco Alpina frame, just for fun. You really need to look at the list of parts to believe it – an industrious eBayer would jump on this just for the parts.

He is offering everything for one price – $2,700, and you will have to bring a large trailer to pick it up. If you are a vintage trials guy, check out the listing here on Craigslist in Perry, Georgia.