“TZ450” – Yamaha TZ250 Frame with Kawasaki KX450F Engine

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The Yamaha TZ250 dates back to 1973, and over an impressive production run through 2009 the two-stroke production road racer was competitive all over the world. The seller of this example is a bit light on details as he never rode it, but this bike stands out as it’s got the four-stroke fuel-injected heart from a Kawasaki KX450 motocrosser. In a sense, this is a predecessor to the Super Single racers!

The seller doesn’t have years on the frame or the motor, though he states that it’s a 4DP chassis “(making it a 1996+)”. This TZ250 history page suggests that the 4DP chassis was the ’92-’95 bikes. Either way, the stock motor was good for roughly 45 horsepower (restricted)/70+ derestricted. The KX450 engine is good for about 55 hp.

The seller says that the only spare is a rear stand and “it has a tach, I am not sure it works.” It’ll need a once-over before it hits the track again, but I’m hoping someone puts in the effort!

Find this wild TZ for sale in Palmdale, California for $4,500 here on Bay Area Riders Forum.