Underrated – 1970 Suzuki Titan T500

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Post-Listing Update: This Suzuki Titan T500 did not get any action at $7,999.

One of the all time greats in classic Japanese motorcycle history, the Suzuki Titan T500 showed the world that a big displacement 2-stroker didn’t have to overheat. It was considered one of the most reliable motorcycles built in the 60s, but it always took a back seat to Honda’s CB450.

Suzuki Titan T500 - Right Side

Suzuki’s T-series applied to bikes with displacements ranging from 90cc to 500cc. This was the big daddy, with a 492cc engine that produced 47 horsepower, capable of getting the Titan up to 105 miles per hour. In a world where two-strokes were all about dramatic power bands and quarter mile times, Suzuki tried to build two-strokes that were suitable for everyday riding, or even touring. Want to learn more? Check out this helpful writeup from Motorcycle Classics about why the Titan was so underrated, especially compared to the Honda CB450 Black Bomber.

Suzuki Titan T500 - Gauges

This specific Suzuki Titan T500 has been completely restored – the seller claims everything has been new and replaced, which I refuse to believe. With that said, it looks good, it seems 100% there, and it has rare extras like the tank rack. The seller makes the very bold claim that this might be the ‘finest example in the world’, which must justify the high asking price in his mind.

Suzuki Titan T500 - Left Side

Find this Suzuki Titan T500 for sale in Berlin, Connecticut with a BIN price of $7,999

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