Velvety Smooth – 1993 BMW R100GS

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6-4-17 Update: Yes, I just featured this bike yesterday. But, the fine folks at Aerostich have noticed my offhand comment and will give a 20% discount off any of their gear (in any color, you don’t have to get hi-viz) to the person that buys this bike. But if you do want to go color matching, you can go hi-viz with purple ballistics in the shoulders, elbows, and knees as a custom option…

If you buy this, you’ve just got to embrace the stereotype and buy a hi-viz yellow Aerostich Roadcrafter for the ultimate in obnoxious color matching gear.

Per MicaPeak, this is the 2nd time BMW used the Velvet Violet color on a GS – but the earlier version was half white/half violet. This is almost entirely violet and almost certainly terrible. While trying to learn more about this color, I found a thread on ADVRider (registration required) from the seller, who apparently bought this bike in January (and drove 1,900 miles each way to pick it up!) The seller mentions that this is a rare color. I agree, I rarely see these but I was unable to find exact production numbers.

This bike (VIN: WB1048805P0231216) has just 18,825 miles and it looks to be in excellent shape due to the low mileage. The seller has made a few modifications like Knight Design foot pegs, 20mm bar risers, a Wunderlich sifter, and a Migsel side stand – but everything can be put back to stock in half an hour. The only other non-stock part is a recovered seat, but the seller sourced an original color-matching unit that’s included with the sale. In the last 500 miles, the bike got new pushrod tube seals, oil pan gasket, tires and a neutral switch. The engine was given a tuneup, the carbs were rebuilt, and the rear main seal/clutch/splines were inspected and found to be in excellent condition. Everything is said to work and it comes with the OEM luggage as well. Rare colors like this are funny as they don’t get interest from as many potential buyers but the smaller percentage of people that are interested are usually willing to spend extra for the insanity.

Find this Velvet Violet GS for sale in Fort Collins, Colorado with bidding up to $7,400 and the reserve not yet met

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Sam P!